Is customisable wedding stationery for me?

1st July 2020


Overwhelmed by choice or want to tweak an existing wedding stationery design? Then a customisable wedding stationery design will be perfect for you!

Do you remember that feeling when you were little, when you are stood in the corner shop trying to choose what sweets you want from the pick n mix? Your mum keeps checking her watch and the panic is setting in. Do you choose cola bottles, midget gems, strawberry shoelaces? Gosh, it was so overwhelming, and the fear of making the wrong decision was real. No one wants to discover they have made the wrong choice and feel that disappointment when they get home.

You probably wonder why I am talking about choosing sweets and what does that have to do with your wedding invitations? Well, I feel choosing your wedding stationery may feel a bit like this and Pinterest is your new sweetshop. The choice of designs, papers, colours, ribbons, trimmings, phew and that’s before you even start looking at wording! And then the panic sets in, “what if we make the wrong choice?”, “what if we’re disappointed?”, “what if it’s nothing like we imagined”.

The last thing I want you to feel is this overwhelm and that is why I have added so much flexibility to my customisable House Collections and offer samples for each design. Your invitations will be the first thing your guests see when it comes to your wedding. It is the window to your day, you want them to take a peek inside and get excited. So it’s important we get the details just right.

When I designed my House Collections I had all this flexibility in mind. I didn’t want my couples to feel trapped by drop-down selection boxes that you see on many stationery sites, where you never connect with a person, just with a computer. If you have a question I want you to feel you can email or call me and I can talk through your concerns. This way you will feel part of the journey and get excited about your choices, not fear the disappointment. For this reason, I like to limit how many couples I work with at a time and quote for each stationery suite individually, so I know I can give you my full attention and work through the finer details. Your invitations will then become a unique piece that no one else will ever have.

What can I change on a customisable invitation?

Every couple’s ceremony is different, it may be civil, religious, humanist, hosted by your parents, or hosted by you. When it comes to wording my house collections are a blank canvas ready for you to write your masterpiece. I can guide you through some templates or you can write it yourself, but I will be there making sure no important information is left off and your guests aren’t left guessing what time your wedding is or where it’s held (can you imagine anything worst? All those relatives bombarding your mobile for answers)

Many of my House Collections also have the flexibility of colour matching. We all know there is nothing more irritating than finding the perfect fit t-shirt, to then discover it only comes in a colour that doesn’t suit you. There are thousands of beautiful colour combinations out there and I can guide you through your options or colour match to a fabric sample, from say a bridesmaid’s dress or a flower choice. I did this myself on my own wedding stationery.

We all know the right piece of jewellery can make any outfit pop, so who wants to wrap their invitations in a ribbon they dislike. If you want to colour match a ribbon, swap a belly band for some twine, or change your envelope colours and add an envelope liner, they are all possible.


Helpful icons
I’ve made it easy for you to see what elements are customisable and what can be personalised on my House Collection designs, simply look out for these symbols.

Ready to get started?

If you have seen a design you like, simply order a sample and get a feel for it, then drop me a message and we can discuss how you want to personalise your wedding invitation and look at getting you booked in.