Meet Simone

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in.

Simone Carr illustrator and designer inspired by nature

Where it all began

Growing up in a small village, my days overflowed with outdoor escapades.

I’d craft daisy chain crowns and fill notebooks with sketched blooms, dreaming of encountering flower fairies. Nature and art intertwined in my world from the start. With a background spanning 20 years in art and graphic design, my true passion lies in paper, design, and illustration.

Calming the mind with the language of flowers

Rekindling my passion for drawing in recent years. Ink and paper are my cherished companions, complemented by the gentle hues and wash of watercolours. 

I’ve always been artistic from an early age but life soon gets in the way and our hobbies become forgotten. After suffering mental burnout I picked up my pencil and began to draw again as a way to calm my mind. Being outdoors is my happy place so it was only natural that I started to focus on botanicals. 

I can lose hours as I delve into sketching natural wonders. From immersing myself in the intricate world of Floriology (the language of flowers) to that enchanting instant when pencil first meets paper. With each dot or stroke of the fine ink lines, I’m transported away from the frantic pace of modern life. It’s a sanctuary where time slows, and I find solace in the smallest intricacies.

My recent illustrations

Coming full circle – my relationship with nature

Nature is something I find personally sustaining. It makes me happy, calms me down and keeps me hopeful. I’m lucky to live close to the River Trent and several gorgeous woodland walks, and I draw most of my inspiration from the landscapes and textures around me. Nature sparks my creativity, but it also fires up my desire to protect it for my daughters’ generation and generations to come. Sustainability is a cause that is deeply important to me, and I strive to honour the natural world both in terms of the designs I create and the processes and materials I use.

I’m conscious of the life cycle of my stationery, and consider every aspect of its journey carefully: from its initial materials, to its joy-bringing purpose at your wedding, to the way in which it’s eventually disposed of. I want to make sure that in making little changes in my work, I can lessen my environmental impact, without ever compromising on the style and detail of your stationery. I’d love to tell you more about the ways in which I keep things as sustainable as possible at Ellie & Liv. Head over to my sustainability page, for some waxing lyrical about planet-friendly inks, paper that bees adore, my tree planting initiative and other eco-friendly tricks of the trade.

Me in a nutshell

My idea of pure happiness is a crisp autumn day, a crunchy woodland walk among gold and red leaves with my brilliant husband and twin daughters (for whom Ellie & Liv is named). There would be the twinkle of the ocean in the distance, and the promise of a quiet evening in front of the fire with a cup of mint tea and a fresh new sketchbook. Bliss.

I would love to get to know you, to hear all about your wedding plans and to start designing beautifully mindful, meaningful stationery that’s meant just for you.

It all starts with a chat, so get in touch, and let’s see what wonderful things we can create together.

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