English rose fine line drawing floral illustration

Botanical Illustration and Surface Pattern Design

Delicate fine-line floral illustrations and watercolours for nature and heritage lovers

Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing seasons, the rich tapestry of British heritage, and the enchanting countryside. I specialise in creating detailed fine-line and watercolour botanical illustrations that are sure to inspire and captivate. Allow me to take you on a journey where passion, care, and sustainability intertwine, celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

My floral botanical illustrations are not just drawings; they are heartfelt creations that honour the wonders of nature. With each stroke of my pen, I pour my love and devotion into capturing the essence of each leaf, stem, and blossom, as if I were plucking them from the garden myself.

Illustration Enquiry

Pineapple vintage fine line botanical illustration

In a world dominated by mass-produced designs, I am committed to quality and sustainability. I believe in creating pieces that not only visually stun but also respect the environment that inspires them.

My botanical fine-line illustrations don’t end with the stroke of a pen. It is an invitation, an opportunity to collaborate and bring your own story to life. Together, sharing your vision, each illustration is personalised to reflect your unique style and the story you wish to tell.

Whether you are an individual seeking a meaningful gift, or a business longing to celebrate the beauty of the natural world, I am here to turn your vision into reality. With my expertise and your inspiration, together we will create something truly extraordinary.

If you would like to collaborate or commission an illustration for yourself, a gift or for business please send me a message and I can talk you through my process.

Pricing starts from around £200-£500 for an individual image. Licensing is available allowing you to use your design in as many or as few places as you require.

Commission your illustration

Illustration Styles and Design

Botanical Illustrations

Inspired by vintage botanical art, each delicate fine-line floral illustration stroke breathes life into nature’s beauty, capturing the essence of flora and fauna in intricate detail. Soft watercolour musings capture the delicate nature of the outside world.

Individual commissions, prints and licensing are available.

  • English garden rose fine line illustration
  • English garden rose fine line drawing
  • Wild flower floral fine line illustration in sketchbook
  • Vintage botanical pineapple fine-line illustration
  • Wild rose fine-line black and white drawing
  • fern watercolour illustration by Simone Carr
  • British Bee Illustrations in fine line ink and watercolour
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Venue Illustrations

Transport yourself back to cherished moments with venue illustrations that capture the essence of your wedding or beloved locations. Through intricate lines and skilled artistry, your favourite place comes to life, preserving memories and emotions forever. Let the beauty of these illustrations whisk you away to the special spaces that hold your heart.

Individual venue commissions from £120, prints and licensing are available.

  • Norwood Park Fine line heritage venue illustration
  • Fine line venue Illustration of Middleton Lodge hot foil design
  • Fish pot Barbados venue illustration
  • Jane Young Newark shop watercolour illustration
  • Beckingham Church in watercolour
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Surface Pattern Design

Inspired by vintage wallpapers and prints often seen in National Trust properties. I adore designing trailing or repeating patterns that can calm the soul and bring the joy of nature into interiors and stationery designs.

Individual commissions, prints and licensing are available.


  • Honeysuckle Trailing pattern on cushion
  • Pineapple head on print
  • Rose trailing pattern printed on handmade paper
  • Rose trailing pattern in cream and pink
  • Rose trailing pattern in baby blue and pink
  • Rose trailing pattern in deep blue and pink
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Greeting Card and Gift Collections

Ellie and Liv British bee collection of cards. Watercolour and fine-line illustrations.

Selection of Ellie and Liv British bee collection of cards. Watercolour and fine-line illustrations.

Inspired by the nature that surrounds the Ellie and Liv studio, a delightful collection of botanical greeting cards and gifts is beginning to take shape.

With an unwavering passion for Victorian floriography. I weave the hidden meanings of our natural world and symbolisation into each creation, hand-selecting eco-friendly textured papers and infusing them with the beauty of fine-line and watercolour sketches.

Embracing the ethos of slow living, I dedicate myself to crafting small art pieces that ignite joy within your home, celebrating the art of handwritten correspondence. In this digital age, I believe it’s essential for all of us to take a moment, to slow down, and savour the beauty of writing heartfelt messages to our loved ones. Let us cherish these precious connections and indulge in the timeless pleasure of thoughtful communication.

Discover my first collection of British Bee cards available at Etsy Marketplace.

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