Something Old, Something New – Reuse & Recycle Eco Wedding Tips

23rd August 2020


It may be an old traditional saying, but the more I thought about it I realised it has a very wise eco-conscious message too! Discover what you can reuse, recycle or borrow to help make your wedding more sustainable.

When I got married, almost 10 years ago now (eek, big celebration coming) I bought a beautiful ivory parasol with an elegant black handle. Our wedding was in Autumn, so we thought it is guaranteed to rain and seemed like the perfect purchase. When it came to the day we were blessed with the most beautiful crisp day and the parasol was never used. I kept hold of this parasol and have since lent it to a handful of brides and it’s now known as the lucky umbrella as it has never rained during the ceremony of anyone who has borrowed it.

Yes, ok this little parasol may never have seen a drop of rain but I still treasure it and many other brides have too. Though imagine if each of us brides had bought that same parasol over and over again. That would have been at least 6 unused parasols, what a waste!

Something Borrowed

So when it comes to your wedding day why do we sometimes feel that everything has to be new? I love lending this parasol to brides, it has a romantic story to tell, and they each fall in love with the romance of it. So why can’t we borrow more things when it comes to our wedding? Like the rhyme says “Something Old…, Something Borrowed“, it has the eco-friendly advice right there.

Here are just a few things you can borrow, reuse or recycle for your wedding day, making it kinder to the environment. Be creative and have fun, after all, that’s what will make your day so special, as all the borrowed items will all come with their own romantic story attached.

Things you could borrow on your wedding day.

Your dress
Maybe your mum, auntie or grandmother has the perfect vintage dress tucked away, plus what a beautiful item to share.

Your veil
The same as your dress there may be some gorgeous family heirloom tucked away, or alternatively you could hire one.

Hair Piece
After all, you don’t get a chance to wear your tiara very often after your wedding day, unless you like to get dressed up for the supermarket! Plus at all the royal weddings recently the brides have worn a borrowed tiara from the Queen. I would happily lend mine to my close friends.

I confess I did have mine custom made because I didn’t have a veil, but it was upcycled out of a vintage necklace by my wedding dress designer.

Your jewellery
I borrowed my mum’s bracelet, I admit I forgot to put it on and ended up borrowing my bridesmaid’s handkerchief but the thought was there! Maybe the groom could wear his grandfather’s cufflinks?

There are so many great gentleman’s hire companies with some great options for your groomsmen. Your bestman, or ushers may not have a job to wear a suit at again, this will save them having one just hanging at the back of their wardrobe.

This is a great one, wedding planning, styling, and prop hire companies will have all the items you need to compliment any wedding theme you dream of. From candles, vases, cutlery, plates to quirky ornaments, or photo props, you name it, you are guaranteed they will already have it. This will save you so much time, money, and stress too.

You could also ask around for this one, your friends, family or neighbours may have some lovely bits you can borrow hidden away. Ornate frames for table plans, vintage suitcases for collecting cards in.

Plus don’t forget to ask your venue, they often have a list of items available on the day, such as cakestands, cake knife, dancefloor word lights etc

Yes, you heard me right, maybe instead of florals, you would prefer foliage. We in fact hired bay tree’s for our venue entrance. Imagine the dramatic effect of a cherry blossom or a silver birch tree at your reception or at the top of the aisle. The great thing, these are lovely cared for living trees that won’t become waste after the event and will have a reduced carbon footprint compared to flowers.


Get creative and make things more sustainable

I hope just some of these eco-friendly ideas may help you plan your Eco-Friendly Wedding Day. All of them are great ways to reuse items, instead of buying new. I also have many creative ways of designing your wedding stationery to help save on paper usage or ‘On the day’ items that can multitask. I’d love to chat with you about your wedding or if you have some other great tips I can add them to the list above.

Image courtesy of Photo-Nic via Unsplash