Vegan Wedding Stationery

27th October 2021

Tuscan vibes meet vegan delights. Creating vegan wedding stationery from selecting vegan paper to plant-based ink.

When asked to design vegan on the day stationery for the founder of Plant Based News I couldn’t have been more excited. 

Using handpainted watercolour lemons and vines to match the styling and decor of their wedding at Euridge Manor, in the Cotswolds. I used a combination of stunning vegan papers, plant-based inks for printing and vegan finishings to capture all the details of Kamal and Klaus’ wedding day.

Vegan on the Day wedding stationery. Printed with vegan plant based ink and on vegan paper. Vegan bamboo ribbon

Watercolour painting of lemon vines for a vegan Tuscan styled wedding.

Vegan paper

I have a real passion for paper. So discovering Crush, a vegan approved recycled paper, literally set my heart on fire. I couldn’t wait to share it with Kamal and Klaus the bride and groom. This paper contains the byproduct of corn, has the most stunning fleck and the softest texture. Plus some serious eco-friendly credentials. The paper uses corn to replace virgin tree pulp, reduces food waste and is made using green energy. It was perfect to use a paper that contains food at a wedding that was full of amazing food. Adding an extra layer to the story of their wedding and the couples passion for living a vegan lifestyle.

I adore researching facts and was amazed to discover that not all papers are vegan. Due to manufacturing techniques and bonding agents, some papers may contain non-vegan elements. This is something that got me questioning nearly every paper rep I have spoken to in the last few months. I’m so grateful for learning so much during the design process of this stationery.

Vegan print

With the help from Impress Print, one of the UK’s only vegan society approved printers. We discussed all the print processes I could use on the different items required for the wedding day. One of the most difficult items to produce 100% vegan was the large signage. Due to printer restrictions and the materials used in the process, this can be a difficult task.

Impress print was amazing at suggesting special techniques they could use to ensure beautiful print on a large scale. That guaranteed a 100% vegan A1 sized Order of the Day.

All items including an order of service, menus, place cards, thank you cards and signage were printed to absolute perfection with Vegan Society approved plant-based inks.

Common wedding stationery mistakes how to avoid them. Wedding guest names. Place cards piled with vegan bamboo silk ribbon, pale sage.

Vegan finishings

Kamal really wanted one element of their stationery to become a keepsake. An item they could treasure and look back on after their wedding day.

Working closely with Kamal I created a place card that left a space for all their guests to share memories of their time spent with the couple. Finishing each one with the softest of Vegan bamboo ribbons to add a real touch of elegance.

The sage colour of the ribbon and illustrations co-ordinated with the weddings decor and styling of the lemons and vines used to decorate the long banquet tables at the wedding breakfast.

It was such a joy to work with Kamal, Klaus and their wedding planner Meera Majithia to create their vegan wedding stationery. A wedding I will always be fond of as it taught me many new things. Expanding my knowledge and understanding of what is needed to create Vegan wedding stationery. I can not wait to share this knowledge with many more vegan couples in the future and use it on none vegan weddings too.

Congratulation Kamal and Klaus on your marriage and thank you for asking me to be part of your special day.

Vegan print wedding thank you cards. Vegan wedding stationery. Printed with plant based vegan ink.

“Thanks so much Simone, we have been admiring your thank you cards and writing them ahead of the event.

Your work is flawless and we are so glad we decided to work with you!”

Kamal and Klaus

I would like to disclose I am not a vegan myself, I am pretty much 90% dairy-free and have a mixed diet that includes many vegan choices. It is something that I am interested in and honestly could see myself eating this way in the future as there are many benefits. So even though I am not vegan it is important to me and I cook many vegan meals for friends and family. I understand how important peoples own personal choices are and respect everyone who selects to follow this lifestyle. 


If you are interested in planning a Vegan wedding and would love to have Vegan wedding stationery I would love to help you and have a chat.

Let’s talk about your vegan wedding