Floral Design And Quitting Instagram

10th July 2022

Sweetie in and watercolour botanical drawing with greeting card on wooden backdrop




Vellum and wax seal place names

Before I get into all the details I want to point out this isn’t a rant about Instagram or an anti-Instagram post. This is a diary of how I personally felt when I was using Instagram and how I feel now I have paused my use.

Why did I quit Instagram?

You may wonder why I suddenly quit Instagram. The truth it wasn’t a quick decision or one that I took lightly. I’ve been using Instagram for years and always adored it as a platform to connect with other suppliers and couples. I made friends there and created work for couples and commissions. But recently I had begun to struggle with it. To get ahead and play the game of the algorithms it had increasingly become a harder battle each month to just get seen.

Anxiety-inducing and creative sucking hours wasted

Then it started to get into my mind. I’m not doing enough. Am I posting the wrong things? People aren’t seeing me, but they are seeing others etc, etc. To the point some days I would spend up to 4 hours plus on Instagram. Time spent creating Instagram posts and reels, or thinking about what to post on Instagram next. I felt I was in a race that had no end in sight, competing for 30 seconds of a viewer’s time, day after day. It was exhausting and sucking the creativity out of me.

Then I did the maths. Do you know if you spend 4 hours a day on the app, that equates to 2 months of your year on Instagram? Yes, let me repeat that. Four hours a day equals 2 months of your year. I had to double-check it myself I was so shocked. Did I really want to dedicate that much of my time and life to an app that doesn’t always serve me in the way I want? An app that makes me feel anxious and question myself?

No. So I quit.


Sweetie greeting card, birthday card

So what changed?

Well for me I’m only two weeks in, I admit it is only early days. But the difference it has made in such a short space of time is so positive that I felt I had to document it. Here is what I found;

• I feel like I live in the present again. Hello, quiet lunchtimes in the garden sat in the sun.
• I’ve got the gift of time back, no more feeling like I’m on a super-fast treadmill. With the need to document everything I do.
• My focus and productivity have risen. I can offer you so much more with a clear head and what I have achieved in the last couple of weeks is crazy.
• My mental health of feeling inadequate has almost disappeared. I can relax and no longer feel watched or judged. And losing that fear and comparison is a huge weight off my shoulders
• I’ve written a whole new stream of exciting emails for new sign-ups (join here if you are interested, I’d love to invite you into my paper-loving community).
• I’ve just launched a new On the Day stationery web page, creating inspiration for your wedding.
• I’m creating, drawing, and designing again. Thinking up so many new products for you that I actually have time to make. Watch this space for freebies, greeting cards, prints and new semi-custom designs. They are on their way…
• As for my personal life, I’m present with my husband and kids again with more time to spend with the ones that mean the most.
• My health has improved, not only in the mental sense but the physical too. I’m sleeping better so I get up and actually exercise. I have time to eat better and enjoy my food without the feeling of rushing.


So what next?

I do not know, is the honest answer. Will I return, I’m not sure. I’m loving being able to serve you with so much more focus, and produce things that you really need. When you have my attention it is now 100%. I love freeing my brain up and getting my pens out with time to sketch, get outdoors and absorb nature that inspires my work for you.

I believe there are so many more organic and intentional ways I can showcase my business to new couples like you. This thought really excites me. The favourite part of my business is real-life connections that are off social media. Creating stationery for your wedding that you will adore. Supporting you is what makes my business come alive and this was my dream when I started it.


Do I have concerns?

I would be lying if I said no. I worry people won’t think I exist without it (how silly is that). I’m concerned I will lose my connections but then I realised I can pick up a phone or email someone to connect on a more personal level. After all many businesses exist without social media already.

Watercolour of fern. Winsor and Newton watercolour set. Floral design painting

Floral designs and creativity

With all my new spare time, I’ve had the chance to work on some lovely floral designs this month.

A beautiful watercolour commission and along with a lovely ink and watercolour floral sketch of sweetpeas to add to a greeting card range I’m working on. I hope to release this later in the Summer.

Plus I’m just working out the logistics of making my semi-custom collections even easier for you to order on both my site and on my Etsy store that I plan to reopen. There will be some new semi-custom collections too.

I’m planning a new simple but elegant on-the-day stationery collection. That your can order easily making planning your day much easier and accessible to a larger range of budgets and for couples who do not wish to have a bespoke design.

There will be more time for drawing and I hope to produce lots of floral design pieces. So if you have a flower you would love to see in my greeting card collection why don’t you message me and let me know.

Where to find me now

My blog is a great place to start for style inspirations, venues and suppliers I love and real weddings.

I’m more active on Pinterest. You can find me there to view many photos of different styles, floral designs, sketches and new wedding stationery I have designed.

For behind-the-scenes creativity, sneak peeks at new floral designs, first-to-know about product ranges and free downloads. Then my newsletter is the place to be.

Join my paper-loving community

Thank you everyone for all your support whilst I make this exciting move. I look forward to connecting with you very soon and sharing more creativity.

Much love

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