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15th September 2022

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If you are finding it difficult or confusing to find the right words for your RSVP cards, then do not worry! The wording of your wedding RSVP cards should ideally match the style of your wedding invitations.

Whether your wedding is full of traditional charm, a formal occasion, or a more informal, relaxed affair, you can adapt your RSVP wording accordingly. Discover below more inspiration in my simple guide to wedding RSVP wording.

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What is a wedding RSVP?

You may first wonder, what is a wedding RSVP. And do I need one? In essence, a wedding RSVP card is a small card that your guests can fill out and return to you. Informing you if they are going to attend or not attend your wedding.

Your RSVP can hold some great information that you, your venue and your wedding caterers will find essential. Ensuring, a smooth wedding day without hiccups. They will inform you of your headcount, any special dietary requirements, and your guest’s menu choices if you had requested them. You could even ask your guests for favourite song requests to help fill your dance floor at your wedding reception.

The RSVP card may be small, but it certainly is mighty!

Do I need a printed RSVP, or can it be digital?

Traditionally you would always send a physical RSVP card to be returned by post. In the last few years, your options have become more widely available, with some couples now preferring to receive a digital response. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as saving on paper, budgeting, hosting a wedding website or simply preferring a digital reply.

If you are requesting a digital RSVP, but have a physical paper invitation, I would recommend including the relevant RSVP information. A telephone number for text messages, an email address or an address link to your wedding website. Make sure this information is printed onto your wedding invitation or details card. This way your guests can clearly see how to accept your invitation.

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What wording to include on your RSVP cards?

Request line

This is the line on your RSVP cards where you formally request a reply from your guests. The language you choose to use for this part of your response cards sets the tone for the rest of the text and will match the tone of the language you used on your wedding invitation wording.

For formal RSVP cards, use wording like;

The favour of a response is requested by…”.

For more informal RSVP card wording, keep it simple with

Kindly reply“, “Kindly respond” or “Please respond by”.

RSVP deadline date, how far in advance?

The deadline for your RSVP is the most important detail on your RSVP card. To decide upon your RSVP deadline, base it on the dates that your wedding suppliers, such as your wedding venue, caterer or planner give you. Usually, it is around six to eight weeks before your wedding day but always double-check this in your wedding planning meetings.

I would recommend you allow yourself at least a week or two extra on this deadline. This enables you some time to chase any guests that fail to respond on time. Sadly there is always one (yes Rachael, I’m thinking of you!!).

How long do you give for an rsvp for a wedding?

Another thing to consider when setting your RSVP date is to allow your guests enough time to respond. For instance, if you are having a destination wedding, mid-week wedding, peak summer wedding or not allowing children to your day. You need to allow your guests some extra time to check their diaries and make any arrangements. So avoid sending invitations out only a week before your RSVP deadline.

RSVP address

If you do not let your guests know where to reply, how will they know where to either post or send their digital responses?

Always include your return address or information clearly. Even if you include a pre-addressed envelope, include your address in your RSVP wording as well. There will always be someone who loses the envelope.

The names line on your RSVP

You may want to pre-print your guests’ names on their invitations and RSVP. However, if this isn’t an option I would always advise you to leave a space for your guests to write the names of their family members who are attending. This will make collecting your headcount so much easier.

For a traditional RSVP card, you could add a line after the letter “M” which is designated as the first letter of the title of the first guests (i.e. Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss).

If not all your guest’s names begin with an M you may wish to opt for a more informal style by adding Name(s) before the line.

RSVP response  – wording options

Make things easy for your guests and include simple response options.

I often use small tick boxes or circles, making your RSVP wording more foolproof. If you so wish you can add a third box for the number of guests attending. Phrases such as “accepts with pleasure” or “declines with regret”, are great for a formal wedding.

For informal weddings, you can have some fun with your wording (see some ideas below).

Asking for dietary requirements on your RSVP card

I always advise my couples to collect dietary requirements on their RSVP. Many people have preferences in their diets such as vegan or vegetarian. Also, consider guests that may have allergies and intolerances. This information is critical for your caterers and yourself to protect and provide the correct food for your guest. It will also avoid any wedding day panic or upset.

Some couples like to give their guests their menu options on their details cards. If this is an option you would like to include, some simple tick boxes printed on your RSVP wording will ensure your guests can easily mark their preferences.

RSVP dietary requirement request

Postcard style rsvp card

Formal wording for your wedding RSVP

If you are having a traditional, formal wedding then your RSVP card wording should mirror the formal wording on your wedding invitations. The wording can set the tone for your day, and your guests will recognise that your day will be a more formal occasion. Here are a few formal RSVP wording examples.

We kindly request

Your reply is kindly requested before (date)

Name(s) :__________________
▢  joyfully accept(s)
▢ regretfully decline(s)
▢ number attending


We kindly request

Your reply is kindly requested before (date)

Name(s) :__________________
▢ accept(s)
▢ decline(s)


Please RSVP

Name(s) :__________________

Please RSVP no later than (date)
▢ will attend
▢ unable to attend  

Favour of response

A favour of response is kindly requested before (date)

Name(s) :__________________
▢ graciously accepts
▢ respectfully declines


Kindly respond

Kindly respond before (date)

Name(s) :__________________
▢ joyfully accept(s)
▢ regretfully decline(s)

Informal wording for your wedding RSVP

If you are having a more relaxed informal wedding, then your RSVP card wording can have more relaxed language that mirrors your personal style and the wording used on your informal invitation. It is a place you can have some fun.

Here are a few informal rsvp wording examples.


Kindly reply before (date)
▢ Can’t wait!
▢ Sorry, I wish I/we could be there!


Please Respond

Let us know before (date)


▢ can’t wait to hit the dance floor
▢ will be toasting from afar


Tie the Knot

Please watch us tie the knot. RSVP by (date)

▢ Will be there to celebrate
▢ Will be toasting from afar


Can’t Wait


▢ Can’t wait!
▢ Sadly I/we can’t make it

Yay or Nay

Name(s) of our fabulous guests:_________________
Are you in? Please RSVP by (date)
▢ Yay
▢ Nay


Check All That Apply


Check all that apply.
▢ Yes because:
▢ I’m being made to
▢ Free food and drink
▢ I wouldn’t miss it!
▢ I want some cake
▢ No, I will not be attending because:
▢ I’m… um… busy that day
▢ I literally don’t know who you are
▢ I’m not free but I’ll be there in spirit!

Please respond by (date)

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Getting Replies for your printed RSVP cards

There will always be some guests that you have to chase, who will forget to reply or will leave it until the very last minute to respond. So here are a few tips that can encourage your guests to reply to your printed RSVP cards

• Pre-address your envelope
• Pre-stamp your envelope
• Clearly state your return date
• Have a pre-printed postcard style card with your RSVP address printed on it and save your guests popping it in an envelope

And don’t forget when you do get an RSVP collect your responses on a spreadsheet. Your caterer will adore clear orderly information on dietary requirements and menu choices. In addition, your stationery designer will also love your spreadsheet making things easier for designing personalised menus and place cards.

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Still, need some more guidance? Drop me a message and I can advise you on what is the best way to word your wedding stationery

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