Environmental Policy

At Ellie and Liv, our environment and protecting it is one of the most important details we consider when designing your wedding stationery. We believe that everything we produce should be easily recyclable or reusable, with as little waste possible. We have carefully selected printers that are equally committed to reducing their impact on our planet and have strong eco-friendly ethics.

Ellie and liv are always on the lookout for more innovative ways of producing things and looking to improve our environmental credentials.

Our Papers

Our papers are all hand-selected for not only their luxurious qualities but for their environmental credentials. We make sure all our paper and card are FSC® certified and recyclable. This means all our papers have been harvested in a responsible manner and some papers may include recycled materials.

At present the main two papers that we use are the following;

Fresco Gesso – Chosen for it’s bright white, uncoated, and lightly hammered surface that holds printed colour well. This paper is recyclable, FSC certified, and made with environmentally friendly ECF pulp.

Kraft – Smooth, earthy paper with a natural vintage feel. This paper is manufactured from 50% post-consumer waste fibre, Kraft paper is FSC certified, carbon-neutral, and produced with wind power. Also fully recyclable.

As beautiful as foils or sparkles are we have chosen not to use them in our designs so that all paper elements in our designs can be easily recycled in your own home recycling collections.

Our Fixtures

Along with our recyclable papers, we also guarantee all bindings are either recyclable or reusable.

All paper bellybands can be popped into your home recycling. Paper clips, twine, and ribbons can be repurposed by your guests for their own craft projects, gifts, or office use.

It is important to us that your wedding stationery produces as little waste as possible. For more details please view each individual House Collection.

Our Recycling and Packaging

At Ellie and Liv we try to recycle and produce as little waste as possible.

All Ellie and Liv packaging is in recyclable cardboard, protected by compostable tissue paper and where possible fixed with compostable tape. We strive to continue to find the best solutions to keep waste at a minimum and reuse some packaging where possible

Vegetable Inks

At present we don’t use vegetable inks, but it is something I am wanting to introduce to Ellie and Liv. I am in the process of researching printers that can supply the right balance of ink, paper, and quantity. If you are a printer and interested in working with me please get in touch.