Wedding Stationery Mistakes – How To Avoid Them

26th September 2021

Common wedding stationery mistakes and how to avoid them. How many invites to print. Piles of wedding invitations

We all make mistakes, after all, we are only human.

Enjoy your quick guide on the most common wedding stationery mistakes couples make. And most importantly how you can avoid them!

I ordered one invite per person

You are busy counting up your guest and checking it twice. Excitedly tell your stationery designer you need 120 invites. Then oops! You realise when they are printed you actually only need 45!

This is such an easy wedding stationery mistake to make and can be quite an expensive error.

When counting up your list ideally you need only one invite per household. If you have friends that share the same address, you may in this circumstance want to send them one each.

Plus, get a few extras printed for keepsakes, lost postage or last-minute guest changes.

I got their address wrong

People move about a lot these days. With work and family commitments always changing it can be hard to keep track of everyone’s movements. Often people tell you via text or WhatsApp their new address. Which soon becomes lost in all your chatter.⁠

When making your list always double-check with your guests what their current address is. This is most advisable for those family or friends you don’t get to see so often but really want to see on your wedding day.⁠

Wedding Planning Tip – If you send out Save the Date’s you can build your spreadsheet early with all the addresses on it. This can then be easily double-checked before you send out your invitations.

If someone does move, update your list straight away to avoid hours of WhatsApp scrolling trying to find it!⁠

Common wedding stationery mistakes how to avoid them. Wedding guest names. Place cards piled with vegan bamboo silk ribbon, pale sage.

I forgot they had an allergy

You are just about to tuck into your beautiful wedding breakfast when your mum leans over and says “you remembered Auntie Maude is Coeliac didn’t you?”

You can’t be expected to know or remember everyone’s food requirements, especially when wedding planning and your to-do list seems endless.

Allergies, intolerances and vegetarian/vegan preferences are much more common these days. By getting your stationery designer to print this one question on your RSVP.

“Do you have any dietary requirements?”

Your caterer will love you for having this information early, your guests will appreciate your kindness and consideration. And you will not have to be negotiating an emergency menu change on your wedding day.

Wedding Planning Tip – As you receive your RSVPs add everyone’s dietary preferences to your spreadsheet and your stationery designer can help you print extra menu’s or mark place cards with your guest’s requirements so you cater can find them easily.


Common wedding stationery-mistakes how to avoid them rsvp dates and addresses

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I forgot to include my RSVP address or date

I see this wedding stationery mistake all the time, but don’t worry I have your back.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing who is going to join you on your wedding date. But so often my couples forget to put their RSVP address. ⁠

How will your guest know where to reply to? You will either find you are bombarded with text messages and emails asking you for your address. Or they won’t bother at all. ⁠

This will create so much more work for you when planning your day and that is what you want to avoid.⁠

Along with your address, I always recommend putting a deadline date for your RSVP too. ⁠

No matter how close you are to your guests there will always be a few who will leave replying to the very last minute or worst still you are having to chase them for a reply. By popping on a deadline they will be encouraged to get back to you for that date. ⁠

Wedding Planning Tip 1 – Include a self-addressed envelope and pop on a postage stamp. The easier you make it for your guests, the quicker you will get your lovely RSVPs.⁠

Wedding Planning Tip 2 – If you aren’t having a physical RSVP always put an email, telephone number or wedding website address along with the deadline date. This information can be printed on your wedding invitation.

I forgot to include myself 

I nearly fell victim to this wedding stationery mistake myself.

When planning our menu and talking to our venue about numbers my husband and I forgot to include ourselves. Thank goodness for my mum or we would have been a very hungry bride and groom on our wedding day.

So I guarantee I always have your back on this one. No one wants a  hungry wedding couple.

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