What to do with your wedding stationery after your wedding

10th March 2023



Obviously, as a stationery designer, I hope and dream that you will treasure your invitations as a keepsake to pass down to your family for many years to come. I adore designing invitations that unwrap like a gift and become little parcels of joy. Romantically musing future generations slowing untying a silk ribbon, or unfolding that tactile card with the uttermost care. Just like we may do when we discover hidden love notes sent by our grandparents in the pre-digital world.

As much as I often wish to return to a slower time, things are not quite the same these days, and we do not have the space to keep everything. So here are a few ideas on what to do with your wedding stationery after your wedding day.

Wedding vow books in a keepsake basket

Hannah Shearman Photography

Create a keepsake box

Who doesn’t love a little box of treasure? Pop in a copy of your invitation, maybe dry one of your buttonholes, a sample of the fabric from your wedding attire or momentoes you have collected during your planning.

Your keepsake box is also a great place to keep a copy of your place names and menus, so you can dream back to how delicious that dessert really was. 

Not forgetting your RSVPs. This a lovely little reminder of all the people that attended your wedding. Especially lovely if you have asked for favourite songs or guests’ personal menu choices.

We did this for our own wedding, and we often sneak a peek. Our daughters love to hear about all the details of the day and see a glimpse of what our wedding day was like.

“I just want to say a massive thank you, they are absolutely beautiful! I could genuinely cry! They are so amazing you are fantastic! Thank you for your guidance and help. I could not have asked for anything better, they are literally perfect! 

I Love them so much, thank you again! ”

E & L

Framed wedding venue illustration for 1st anniversary. Paper anniversary.

Frame it

When you have chosen to have your stationery bespoke made, why hide those beautiful illustrations and hand-selected papers away? Frame your invitations for all to see and enjoy or ask your stationer to create a print of your venue illustration. Paper is the traditional 1st wedding anniversary symbol, so a venue illustration is a perfect choice to celebrate your first year together. 

You don’t need to stop at your wedding invitations, if you have the wall space hang your table plan and enjoy looking at all the names of your loved ones that shared your day. 

Or make a wedding wall gallery with a mix of your stationery and photography.

Zero waste – plantable wedding stationery

If you are conscious of the environmental impact your wedding may make, why not choose seeded wedding stationery? A great option for your wedding menus, place names or other on-the-day stationery. Your guest can then take their stationery home and plant them at their home. Or you can collect them up after your wedding and plant them in your own garden. What better way to make the memory of your wedding day bring even more joy to yourselves and your guests?

Pop it in your album

Along with your gorgeous wedding photos, pop in a copy of your invitation, so when you look back at your day, you can reminisce about every moment from planning to the ceremony.

Photograph it

This may take a little pre-planning, but most wedding photographers love to create flay lays of your stationery with your bouquet or other details of your day. This is a beautiful photo to put in your wedding album. Talk to your wedding stationery designer and photographer about how to make this happen. I am always more than happy to send an extra copy of your invitation to your photographer, so you do not have to worry about adding this arrangement to your to-do list.

Get creative 

If you are the artistic type, why not turn them into Christmas ornaments or other montages to be displayed in your home? Pinterest has some beautiful craft ideas.

Black and white wedding invitation with gypsophila

When you have too much to keep

One of the most important things I consider when designing your wedding stationery is its life cycle. As a sustainable wedding stationery designer, I like to forward think about what will happen to your stationery if you want to dispose of it.

I ensure every element can be recycled, reused or is biodegradable (there is one exception, but I will come back to this)

I use no plastic elements on or in your stationery. So no gems, laminations or glued-on objects that will stop you from being able to pop your stationery into your general recycling. All my cards, papers and packaging can be recycled at home easily.

I don’t use polyester ribbons, so all silk/bamboo silk ribbons and twines are biodegradable, but let’s be honest they are all so pretty, why not reuse them? Metal clips are easily reusable in your home office and will jazz up your documents. Paper bellybands and vellums can go straight into recycling too.

The one item that can prove more tricky and an item (I am currently changing) is large printed table plans, signage or boards. If you have a board that you wish to use outdoors or stand the test of time they are often printed on plastic. This is great if you want a keepsake, but if you wish to dispose of it after your wedding I recommend printing differently using eco-core or biodegradable boards. These are great if you are not going to use them outdoors and you wish to recycle them after. I will always discuss the best options for you when we design your wedding stationery.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on what you can do with your wedding stationery after your wedding day. Making sure your best memories are captured for you and your family to enjoy as you celebrate each of your anniversaries.

Are you ready to share your love story and create something amazing?