Mindfully elegant stationery with a light touch...

…that’s the goal here. I’m passionate about protecting the environment, and just as passionate about delivering beautifully personal paper goods and sustainable wedding invitations that are the perfect fit for you and your wedding.

So, when I talk about sustainability or being eco-conscious in my work, it absolutely doesn’t mean that I’ll be lecturing you about any of your wedding or lifestyle choices, or forcing limited, unattractive materials on you in the name of being green. Quite the opposite!

You will have beautiful and meaningful sustainable wedding invitations that will never compromise on style or quality.

To me, sustainability is about challenging the norms and puzzling out new ways to create beautiful things. Without having a negative effect on the planet.

Having a sustainable wedding and invitations is not about denial or limitation, and absolutely not about hitting you over the head with scary messages! As with every aspect of my design process (and the way I live my life), it’s about being mindful and considered, to figure out how the detail, depth and elegance of every design that leaves my studio remains unchanged, while lessening its environmental impact.

I’m constantly learning, discovering new techniques, new materials and new suppliers to partner with to achieve this, and it’s something I’m committed to keep learning and challenging myself about for the rest of my life.

Discover more in my Environmental Policy

How is your wedding stationery sustainable?

Below are just a few of the ways in which your finished stationery will strive to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as it is stylish. Helping you achieve the sustainable wedding of your dreams.

sustainable and eco-friendly print of wedding stationery

The materials

  • All the papers and cardstocks that I use are FSC certified. This means they’re forested sustainably.
  • Wherever possible I use recycled or part recycled papers, which help to reduce landfill and use less water (and fewer lovely trees) for production.
  • For bespoke stationery I can also use tree-free papers, or seeded papers, which can be planted to grow a colourful explosion of bee-friendly wildflowers. (I love that this is possible!).
  • Your stationery will have a range of gorgeous additional details and finishing touches, but they will be a plastic-free zone and will either be fully reusable, recyclable or bio-degradable. Think hand-dyed silk ribbons, vegan silks, cotton tassels and metal clasps.
  • The ways in which the paper itself is treated are also focused on being recyclable. No plastic, only foils that can be recycled, no laminations or tiny stick on gems.

Sustainable weddings UK eco friendly wedding invitations. Stationery finishings on a plate silk ribbon, paper twine wax seal. Sustainable finishings

The process

  • The printers I use have been carefully researched and share my values. Many of these use exclusively vegetable inks or vegan approved inks.
  • The suppliers I use for your finishings have all been selected for their environmental methods and shared ethos. All ribbons are hand-dyed in small batches, some even using natural dying methods. My twines are made from with natural jute or finely twisted papers.
  • When posting your finished stationery to you (one of the most exciting bits, wrapping it up like a precious treasure to be uncovered!), I’m mindful of all the packaging materials used. Once again, it’s a big fat no to all plastics, and all the wrappings and packaging can either be recycled or composted.

Ellie and Liv planting trees

The journey

  • This is a big one. With every design, I look at its whole lifespan. My eco-friendly ethos doesn’t end with the delivery of your stationery into your excited hands. I want to make sure I’ve considered what happens after your wedding day too, and where these lovingly designed bits of paper and card will end up. Every last tiny element of your stationery will be either fully reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or, in some cases, plantable.
  • And on the subject of plantable things, I pledge to plant a tree with the National Trust dedicated to you and your wedding if you order a full suite of stationery from Ellie & Liv. Find out more about the National Trust’s tree pledge over on my Giving Back page, which details more about the charities I support.

two bride elopement in the peak district

My future sustainability goals and targets

Revised January 2023

Zero to landfills by 2030

Creating sustainable wedding invitations and paper goods that can all be recycled, reused or biodegradable. Sending no products to landfill from creation to end of life.


Recycle, reclaim and reuse

Where possible I will follow the 3R’s and encourage my couples and suppliers to do the same. I aim that all my stationery is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. Eliminating non recyclable boards by 2024.


Zero single-use plastics by 2030

Even though none of my stationery or packaging contains plastic I would like to eliminate all single-use plastic from my whole supplier chain. Creating a full zero to landfill business.

Reduce emissions by 2027

Exchange my car for an electric vehicle within the next 5 years. To increase my tree planting each year to fully offset carbon emissions from my business and family life.


Environmentally strong supply chain

I aim to work with a supply chain of environmentally strong businesses. Including my suppliers, wedding professionals and utility providers.


Supporting fellow wedding suppliers

To help my couples plan a more sustainable wedding by recommending other sustainable wedding businesses. To support other businesses to become sustainable, ethical and fair.

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