Why you should book your favourite wedding suppliers early

21st March 2023



Recently I fell in love with a new summer dress. Tailored just the way I like, made from beautiful certified organic cotton and from one of my favourite boutiques, so I knew the quality would be gorgeous. I did that thing we all do, where you keep checking back and looking at it. Daydreaming about where you will wear it and how it will make you feel. Pondering over and over if you should go for it and make the purchase. You may even get as far as popping it in the basket. I kept doing this for days, maybe weeks, and then, it sold out! No more daydreaming about wearing the dress for lazy Summer lunches with friends or packing for my vacation. It was gone! That feeling of disappointment was heart-sinking.

We have all done this. Whether the purchase is small or for something much more important. It is human nature to often overthink whether it will be the correct choice for us instead of just making the order, trying on that dress or sending an email to our favourite supplier to discuss your options in more detail. Nothing feels worst than regret when you discover it is too late.


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Importance of planning ahead

In the past month, I have experienced a similar pattern at Ellie and Liv. Receiving some beautiful enquires for wedding stationery that I really would adore designing. The detail each enquiry has in common, the couples have all sadly enquired too late. In the last week alone, I have had to email four couples to say I am fully booked for the dates they wished to book my services. I find this so heartbreaking.

I understand, after the last few years, we are all a little more cautious about booking too far ahead. You may feel like you should approach suppliers nearer to your wedding date, to reduce the chances of anything going wrong. Whilst this may seem like the best option at the time, other couples are still planning ahead, booking their favourite suppliers months, even years in advance. They do not want to take the risk. They do not want to miss out on the things they really love.

Enquire about stationery you will love

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Mindfully created wedding stationery takes time!

To guarantee I give each of my couples the absolute best experience, I only take on a limited number of commissions each month. For bespoke wedding stationery, this may mean I can only accommodate 1 or 2 bookings a month. For semi-custom designs, depending on the bespoke stationery bookings I may take on a few more.

The ethos behind Ellie and Liv is to do things a little slower. I like to take the time with each of my couples to get to know all the details that are important to you. This personal approach enables me to create something you and your guests will treasure.

Hand-drawn illustrations are lovingly created, and fonts are hand selected to capture your personality and the atmosphere of your day*.

I research the best papers to compliment your designs and source finishes that will wrap up your invitations like the perfect gift to your guests.

My carefully selected sustainable print partners work with the same ethos as myself, with slower processes than a high-street print shop. They too are experts in their field and create your stationery with passion. This extra level of care is what makes your wedding stationery so precious. And what makes them stand apart from the rest.

Giving you the most delightful experience whilst designing your stationery is one of the most important things I can gift you. Helping make memories whilst you plan your wedding.

*Stationer’s design note: Font selection is really an art form many do not consider. I promise after years of experience if you get that font wrong, your invitation can go from classic elegance to supermarket chic at the press of a button.

Stationer’s top tip on booking:

Always remember to allow extra time for your design. Rome was not built in a day, bespoke illustrations also take time. As a guide, these are the approximate timelines to allow for your stationery design and creation. Popular wedding dates for Summer months and bank holidays always book up first and early. I would advise adding an additional month or so to this time to guarantee you can book your studio time.

Semi-custom House Collections – allow 4-6 weeks for design and print

Bespoke Stationery – allow 8-10 weeks for consultations, design and print.

Whether you book semi-custom or bespoke wedding stationery each suite is treated as an individual project. Created with love and care.

Luxury heritage bespoke wedding invitation for Norwood Park. Yellow silk ribbon. book your favourite wedding suppliers.

How to get wedding stationery you will fall in love with

To avoid disappointment, it is always best to plan ahead. Once you have confirmed your venue and wedding date, it is never too early to contact your favourite suppliers. For a deposit of £100 (credited off your final balance) you can pre-book your studio time at Ellie and Liv.

If you are concerned that you have not selected your colours or even decided on your guest list yet, this does not matter at this stage. Your date can simply be booked in my diary, and a consultation will be arranged nearer your booked date. During this time I can give you extra guidance and support with selecting your wording, collating your details and planning your design.

Stationer’s top tip on booking:

In the object of fairness, your stationery studio date is only secured with either the payment of your booking deposit or the studio reservation fee with a signed booking form. If I have sent you a quote, your date in my diary can only be reserved for 5 days from the quotation and is on a first come first served basis.

Avoid disappointment and secure your favourite wedding suppliers early

So as I nurse the sadness of missing out on my favourite dress, I hope I can help you book the wedding suppliers you love. I have heard so many similar stories recently from florists, stylists and hairdressers about having to write those painful emails that are filled with disappointment and regret.

None of us likes to deliver the sad news. After all, my favourite thing is to create happy mail. That is why I love to create stationery that brings you so much joy.

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