6 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Wedding Invitations

6th January 2022

Watercolour bespoke wedding stationery. Choose bespoke wedding stationery

So are bespoke wedding invitations right for you?

If you have a specific vision in mind for your wedding or equally just do not know where to start and would like someone to hold your hand through the process. Then bespoke wedding invitations will be the perfect choice for you.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Gone are the days of copycat traditional affairs. This is your wedding and it is your chance to shine. A way to really reflect your personality and style. Invite your loved ones to share your celebration and let them feel part of your day.

Here are my 6 top reasons why you should choose bespoke wedding invitations.

1. Everything is unique to you

When you choose bespoke wedding invitations every element is tailored to you and your day. If like myself you love a mixture of styles, with bespoke invitations and stationery these can be interwoven. If something is really personal to you, such as featuring places you have visited or your grandma’s favourite flower, these can be featured in your design.

If you are feeling lost then we can have a chat about your likes and dislikes. I understand it can be overwhelming at the start. By working together with we can discover a style that you will love.

hand drawn wedding invitations and stationery. Choose Bespoke Wedding Invitations

2. It is less stressful

No one wants to spend hours wading through designs, trailing through different websites or getting lost in Pinterest. We all know how frustrating it can be to find something almost perfect but it doesn’t quite tick all your boxes. 

By choosing bespoke wedding invitations we will work together every step of the journey, so there will be no nasty surprises, you will be able to order exactly what you need, with all the details you want your guests to see.

You will be able to discuss font styles, paper types and finishings. Seeing mood and design boards before anything is sent to print, with lots of opportunities for you to ask questions or amend details.

Vegan on the Day wedding stationery. Printed with vegan plant based ink and on vegan paper. Vegan bamboo ribbon

3. It is more sustainable

As everything is designed for your day you won’t be having to work from someone else’s essential item tick list. You only need to print what you need. This is one of the biggest advantages when you choose bespoke wedding invitations.

I work with only FSC certified papers, recycled papers and seeded papers, along with sustainable print techniques and finishing. I can even produce 100% vegan stationery that uses vegan society approved inks, papers and finishings. I have done all the research, so you don’t need to. I can tell you everything you want to know about the materials that are going to be used for your bespoke invitation and stationery.

If something isn’t quite right or you have a question, I am always on hand.

paper twine, recycled paper bespoke wedding invitations

4. Consistent style throughout

There can be a lot of elements involved with wedding stationery. From your Save the Date to invitations, on the day items and finally a thank you card.

By choosing bespoke wedding invitations and stationery you can create a visual journey for your guests. Every element will follow the same style and build excitement for your day.

Bespoke on the day wedding table plan. Hung table plan in vintage gold frame.

Stylist – Willow and Rust, Photography – Hannah Shearman Photography

Ellie and Liv on the day personalised mini menu

Stylist – Willow and Rust, Photography – Hannah Shearman Photography

5. Saves you time

When planning your wedding you have enough things to do without adding jobs to your to-do list. Tying ribbons, stuffing envelopes, folding thank you cards can take hours, especially when it is something that is new to you or you don’t have the tools to help.

Choose bespoke invitations and everything will be collated and assembled for you. When you receive your parcel, everything will be ready to go. All finishing such as twine and ribbons will be neatly bound around your invitations, wax seals will be applied.

Best of all this is all included with my bespoke packages. Often with semi-custom designs or online orders, this service can cost you extra, so it helps your wedding budget too!

Where do I start with Wedding Stationery

6. Peace of mind

As your wedding plans get in full flow your diary soon fills up. Deadlines and appointments from all your suppliers are scattered through the weeks and months before.

Choose Bespoke stationery this timeline will be handled for you. Just imagine how it will feel to know reminders will pop in your inbox, consultations, studio time and production are all be booked in.

All you need to do when you choose bespoke wedding stationery from me is provide your information. From then on you can sit back and relax whilst I work the magic. You won’t have to worry about missing a deadline as I will be there to remind you when I require information. Always on hand if you have a question or concern.

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