Inspiration for a Wedding in Autumn

8th September 2022

Autumn Wedding at Royal Forest in the woods. Autumn wedding inspiration.

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Colour palettes for weddings in Autumn

Well, I think it would be wrong to not start with colours. This is a passionate season when nature gives its last hurrah before Winter. It is a time for warmth and cosy times with friends and family. It is a season that embraces a strong connection with nature and is the perfect place to look for Autumn wedding inspiration.

There are so many beautiful palettes this season. It is a time when colours are rich and more intense, with shades of red, copper, gold and yellows adding to the elegance of muted tones. Not forgetting there are still the last hints of rich greens, creams and nude tones left over from the Summer months if red and oranges are not your vibe.

Autumn wedding colour Palette

Warm Autumn wedding tones

These may be the more ‘traditional’ tones that you think of when imagining what an Autumn wedding will look like. Burnt Oranges, earthy browns and rich greens. Gives you a gorgeous natural palette of colours to bring a touch of inspiration to your wedding.

Yellow autumn wedding colour palette

Autumn wedding yellow and peach tones

The ochres, yellows and warm golden hour tones are just stunning for an Autumn Wedding, a palette that ranges from deeper shades to pastel hues.

Nude autumn wedding colour palette

Nude shades for an Autumn wedding

This colour palette captures the end of Summer with touches of nudes, pinks, peaches and light greens. This subtle palette has an air of romance and lightness.

Berry and Purple Autumn Wedding Colour Palette

Intense berry shades for a wedding in Autumn

Late Autumn begins to blend into Winter as colours become more intense and rich in nature. Imagine deep purples and burgundy mixed with lavender and forest greens. Warm hot fruit punches around the fireside with cosy blankets to snuggle in.

Embracing your wedding in Autumn

The beautiful thing about selecting a date in Autumn for your wedding is that your guests will know to prepare for cooler weather. They will dress for your occasion and add layers to their outfit choices.

So how can you keep out the chill of Autumn and still be stylish at your own wedding? 

There are many alternative ideas, from faux fur, velvet capes, knitted shawls and dresses with sleeves for the bride(s). For more laid-back vibes, wear a chunky knit over your dress or a flower-adorned hat instead of a veil. Swap summer sandals for cosy boots, and wear thick woollen socks to keep your toes warm.

For the groom(s) look at tweed fabrics and 3-piece suits to add extra layers, maybe a woollen coat if the weather is really cold. To keep with the warmer colour palette of Autumn give browns, warm grey and rich blues a try as an alternative to blacks or cool greys.

How to keep your guests happy for your wedding in Autumn

No one likes to be cold, keep your loved ones happy by leaving baskets of woollen blankets to wrap themselves in. Thrift blankets for an eclectic collection, then gift to guests at the end of the night to keep things more sustainable.

For welcome drinks at your reception, serve warm fruit punches, mulled wine or even a hot chocolate with a lashing of cream and marshmallows.

Some venues may even offer fire pits for your guests to gather around whilst soaking up the atmosphere as they celebrate your day. These are popular at many barn wedding venues or tipi weddings.

Ask your venue what is in season on their menu. Your guest will love a warm root vegetable soup or a hearty feast from local suppliers.

Autumn wedding invites and stationery

This is the season of natural textures – tactile uncoated or recycled paper, brown kraft or burnt orange envelopes tied together with paper twine or soft silk ribbons.

You can introduce some beautiful elements to your Autumn wedding stationery. Not only with your colour choices for your wedding but through the type of paper it is printed on.

Cream papers add warmth, and subtle golden flecks in specialist recycled papers add all the feels, not just under your fingertips but a feast for your eyes too.

Why not consider seeded papers, their unique texture adds interest, and of course, your guest can continue to celebrate your day by planting in them in Spring and enjoying wildflowers in Summer.

From bespoke to semi-custom invitations designed with Autumn in mind. I have choices that will suit all wedding types and styles for your seasonal wedding.

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Flowers for an Autumn wedding

I confess I am no florist, but there are some stunning options for Autumn flowers at a UK wedding that will not cause more harm to the planet or mean your flowers have to be shipped in from abroad.

You can naturally mix in ferns, berries, bracken and foliage that will still be in abundance at this time of year. Blackberries, acorns, and elderberries to name a few.

For the florals, Cosmos, Dahlia, Gypsophila, and roses are all in season. Speak to your florist to discover your best options.

Thinking of dried flowers? There are some stunning designs around. Please remember to double-check the source with your florist first as not all dried flowers are equal or sustainable as some lead us to believe. Many are shipped from china or bleached. Your florist will know the best place to source British-dried flowers.

The Golden Hour in Autumn and creative wedding photography

Late Summer and early Autumn are truly the seasons of the “golden hour,” when nature is bathed in a warm pre-dusk glow. When planning your wedding ask your photographer about the perfect time to capture your ideal outdoor photos. It may mean you need to consider an early ceremony or follow a tighter photography timeline to capture the magic.

You also can take the advantage of earlier dark nights with magical fairy lights, warm candlelight or firework displays. Ask your photographer for creative ideas when it comes to Autumn photography.

Your Autumn Wedding

If you are planning an Autumn wedding, I would love to hear all about it.

I had a November wedding myself, so if you want to discuss what it can be like to host an Autumn Wedding, I am more than happy to have a chat over zoom with a warm cup of tea. Yes, I may even have a cosy blanket if the day is chilly.

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