Personalised Wedding Stationery – Hand-drawn Details

24th November 2022

Personalised wedding stationery with a bespoke rose illustration printed on printed on pale grey rsvp card



What is personalised wedding invitations and stationery?

Personalised wedding stationery is a unique, bespoke design, that is tailored to you and your wedding. Adding precious symbolisation throughout your wedding invitations, makes every element feel like a cherished gift. Personalisation will allow you to select your style of fonts, your colour scheme and most importantly the illustrative style.

The beauty of hand-drawn details

Hand-drawn details are where the magic can happens. Where personalised wedding stationery becomes an item of beauty and something you emotionally connect with.

Personal elements are captured using your details of yourselves, your hobbies, your family and the place you are going to exchange your vows. No shelf-bought images will ever capture that.

You may wish to include your favourite flowers, share a peek at your wedding bouquet or show your guests your stunning wedding venue and location just to name a few ideas.

Whether you choose watercolour or line and ink styles. I can capture these small details that mean so much to you both.

Personalised wedding invitation of watercolour illustration of flowers in a pot by Simone Carr of Ellie and Liv

Illustration Styles

Line and ink style illustrations

I love to create vintage botanical sketches with the essence of modern simplicity. Line and ink drawings have an elegance, a grace like no other. Flowers, foliage, insects and venues are my forte. Using Mother Nature as my inspiration is where my passion lies. With a forever-growing interest in Floriography, adding hidden symbolism and meaning that only you know is a joy. Like a fern is a symbol of “magic, fascination and a secret bond of love”.

This style of illustration is ideal for venues or floral notes. All hand-drawn in my trusty sketchbook, before digitalising them on my computer. It may be a slower method than drawing straight onto my iPad, but I adore the freedom of a plain piece of paper. Every stroke is mindfully created. Love and care are poured into every mark. I can not quickly ‘Command Z’ and make it disappear if an error is made.

Watercolour style illustration

I have used watercolours since a young age. It was my medium of choice at art school. A beautiful way to create the blushing colours of each season. A subtle wash of pastels to create your favourite flowers. A dash of bright highlights to paint the summer fruits of Tuscany. A tiny brushstroke to add a dot of detail to pollen in a flower head.

Like with pen and ink, I will always choose my sketchpad and paint set over digital watercolours. Nothing beats lightly sketching out your vision in pencil before filling it in with a gentle sweep of my paintbrush.

fern watercolour illustration by Simone Carr

Digital illustrations

I’m not against digital illustrations. There is always a place where this can style can work wonders and something I do enjoy. After years of working in graphic design, I am something of a whizz in Adobe Illustrator. It can be a delightful place to create initialled monograms for your invitations or icons for your order-of-the-day signs.

On the day wedding signage. Do not take photos at our wedding.

How does bespoke personalised wedding stationery work?

Get in touch

If you are interested in bespoke stationery (yay, happy dancing here), the first thing to do is to get in touch. Do not be afraid I am not scary, I promise. I know, it can be daunting to ask, especially for a personalised item.

To get started simply complete my enquiry form. I will collect some details about your wedding and check my availability. It is always wise to allow plenty of time. Bespoke Personalised wedding stationery can take me 6-10 weeks to produce. Currently only take on 1 to 2 bespoke stationery designs a month. So I can give your designs my full attention and interweave them with my other design and illustration projects. As well as looking after the real Ellie and Liv.


Enquiry Form


Once you have submitted your form, I will respond within 2 working days. I will let you know my availability, and a little bit more about myself and send you a link to book your no-obligation consultation diary.

I know many of you like to dodge this stage. Maybe you want to see a price first (you can always check my price list for a guide). I understand it can feel overwhelming, but without our chat, how will I get to know you or what you want? It is so easy to misinterpret words or tone in an email. Misunderstand what you need, items and quantities. 30-50 minutes on the phone, or even better on a zoom call, we can discuss everything in detail. After all, as much as I would love to have magic skills, I am not a mind reader. If you do not tell me what you desire, I can not produce it. Not sure what you want? We can brainstorm ideas together, to create something you can get excited about.

Getting booked in

After your consultation, I will create a quote bespoke to your personalised wedding stationery. Illustration and bespoke design fees start from £300. This fee will cover design and illustrations for a standard invitation, details card and RSVP*. If you require a wider range of illustrations, the design fee will be adjusted according. Your bespoke design fee does not include printing costs, this will be an additional cost.

Once you are happy, I will send you a booking form to confirm your studio dates and an invoice for your 50% deposit. Once these are both settled, work on your design will begin.

Line drawn couple monogram and floral rose wreath


As I design your personalised stationery, I will send sketches, mood boards and visuals of all your designs so you can approve them and confirm I have it all covered.

“Simone listened to my ramblings and came back extremely quickly with a mood board - which was absolutely perfect. As if she had climbed into my brain and seen my exact vision.”

J & J


After any final tweaks, I will ask you to approve your design by paying your final balance. It is really important to check everything at this stage as once it is signed off and sent to the printers I will not be able to amend anything.


When your designs arrive back from the printers, I will check everything. Do not worry. I am meticulous at this stage. If something is not 100% I will be on the phone with the printers faster than lighting demanding a reprint.

This is the stage where your ribbons are tied, and wax seals are applied along with any other delicious finishing details.

Posting to you

Once everything is finished, I will carefully package everything up and courier it out to you in eco-friendly packaging.


*5×7 or A5 invitation, A6 detail card and A6 or A7 RSVP.

Eco friend packaging for wedding stationery

Are you ready to share your love story and create something amazing?

Enquiry form