Mindfully elegant bespoke wedding stationery

2024 Price Guide

Like every couple is unique so is their wedding. All quotations will be tailored to your wedding day and requirements. The pricing for your stationery is split into design costs and production costs.

Bespoke Design Fee Explained

My design fee starts at £450 for invitations. This includes the design and illustrations for an invitation suite with typically three inserts (invite, details/information card and RSVP. The more bespoke hand-drawn details you add to your design such as venue portraits, maps or detailed watercolours the higher your design fee may be. 

As couples often join their stationery journey at different stages design fees will be applied as necessary. Design fees will be dependent on the design style requested, these will be explained in the quotation you receive after your initial consultation.

Production costs

I only use high-quality, sustainably sourced materials, these can all vary considerably in cost. All your stationery items are printed by carefully sourced print studios, which I have built close relationships with over many years and trust to produce your stationery to the highest quality and standard. 

I can provide specialist print finishes such as foils and letterpress that can elevate your stationery to
be truly luxurious.

Bespoke wedding invitations from Ellie and Liv can range between £8 to £30+ per suite, with most couples spending approximately 5-10% of their budget on wedding stationery including save-the-date, invitations and on-the-day items.

I understand getting your head around all the stationery items you may require can be a lot. In your consultation call, we can discuss your budget, must-have items and how you can elevate your stationery if you wish to. After our consultation I will provide you with a clearly broken down quotation, giving design options that work within your budget. I like to keep everything as transparent as possible, so you will never receive any hidden costs or nasty surprises later down your stationery journey. 

Approximate production costs for 2024

Prices are for guidance only and are based on orders of 25 pieces. Prices may vary due to quantities/paper/card types and finishings. For a personalised quote please fill in my enquiry form.


from £3.50 each A6 Save the date (double-sided, inc envelope)

from £3.50 each A6 Invitation (double-sided, inc envelope)
from £3.75 each A5/5×7″ Invitation (double-sided, inc envelope)
from £2.50 each A6 Information card (double-sided)
from £2.50 each A6 RSVP (double-sided, inc envelope)
from £2.00 each A7 RSVP (double-sided, inc envelope)
from £1.00 each Card bellyband or twine
from £3.00 each Silk ribbon

*Seeded paper invitations will incur an additional £1 per invitation

(Larger quantities of over 60 items for save the date and invitations may receive a discounted rate to the prices stated above, dependent on paper choices and finishing)



from £3.00 each A5 Order of the day/Order of service (2 page double-sided)
from £4.00 each A5 Order of the day/Order of service (4 page folded double-sided)

from £1.50 each Place name card (personalised)
from £2.25 each A5/DL Menu
from £3.25 each A5/DL Menu with ribbon and place name
from £8.00 each A5 Table name/number (double-sided)
from £100 each A2 Table plan
from £125 each A1 Table plan
from £8 each Single card table plan per card
TBC Signage (Price can vary from type and size, price on request)

(Larger quantities of over 60 items for, Place names,  Menus and Order of Services will receive a discounted rate to the prices stated above)



from £2.75 each A6 Thank you postcard (double-sided, inc envelope)
from £3.50 each A6 Folded Thank you card (double-sided, inc envelope)


from £60.00 Bespoke line map for venue & / or reception
from £120.00 Bespoke illustrated map for venue & / or reception
from £150.00 Venue illustration & / or reception
from £60.00 Fee for additional design changes to Semi-custom design
£1 each Hand-torn invitations
£1 each Vellum Wrap
£1.50 each Envelope liner
£1 each Envelope sticker
£1 each Address sticker
£1.50 each Wax Seal
£25 Assembly per 25 invitations
Stamps + £10 Stamp application and postage


Bespoke prices can vary per job, but all bespoke work starts with a design fee from £450 in addition to the wedding stationery production and printing costs.

The design fee includes the design and illustrations for your invitations plus 2 inserts (details or order of the day card and RSVP card). All illustrations are hand-drawn by myself, either line drawing or watercolour depending on your stationery style. If your invitation design requires illustrations or design of items for your wedding stationery beyond the 3 standard cards (invitation, detail card and RSVP) or more complex illustrations there will be a higher design fee charged.

Production and printing costs, are in addition to the design fee, to cover your raw materials such as premium sustainable papers, envelopes and finishings.

Intricate details such as a map or a venue illustration are available as add-ons.

Enquire for a personalised quote


If you wish to pre-book studio time for a future date that is over 6 months away. You can reserve your studio time by paying a non-refundable £100 deposit which will be deducted off your final payment. Enquire for a personalised quote

For more information on prices.

contact Simone

Please note all prices above are based on my 2024 price guide. For future bookings that are more than 8 months ahead, I will take a deposit of £100 to reserve your studio time and quote you a guide price. Prices for printed items may increase by a small amount during this time to cover any increases in material costs for paper and finishings. The bespoke price or any customisation prices will stay as quoted after your initial consultation and will not incur an increase from your original quote.

Bespoke design fees will apply at the beginning of any stage of your stationery journey. This can be from Save the Date, Invitation or On the Day items. Additional stages may incur an additional design fee that will be discovered after your consultation.