10 Ways To Create An Elegant Wedding Invitation

14th June 2022


Elegant wedding invitations are timeless, with intricate details that can reflect your personality and style. The English dictionary defines ‘Elegant’ as graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

Your invitation is, after all, the very first glimpse your guests will have of the day ahead. It will set the scene with style, just like your wedding day itself.

Here are 10 ways you can create elegant wedding invitations

1. Keep things Simple

Elegance is light and full of grace and nothing says this more than a fuss-free invitation. Think of an artistic light touch, where less is more. Like Coco Chanel once quoted about accessories, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” the same rule applies to elegant design.

Don’t be afraid to let the paper and white space do the talking. If there is a gap, you don’t need to fill it. Let the design breathe for itself. From traditional to modern contemporary invitations, the ‘less is more’ design theory lifts any style to the next level.

Heirloom illustration elegant wedding invitation with hand-torn edge

Ellie and Liv hand-torn recycled paper luxury eco-friendly invites

Gabriela Photography and Film

2. Heirloom-style illustrations and monograms

Delicate ink florals and fauna illustrations, in a sophisticated one or two-tone palette, will give a timeless appeal to your elegant wedding invitations. 

Monograms of your initials used with florals or set alone can be used throughout your stationery, from invitations to on-the-day items. You could even have personalised stationery created after your wedding, so you can use it for handwritten correspondences and thank you notes. Seeing your names for the first time entwined together can be a very touching and exciting moment for you both.

Dorfold Hall Wedding Venue Illustration

3. Venue illustrations

Like the heirloom style, a line illustration of your wedding venue creates timeless excitement, introducing your guests to the special place where you will exchange your marriage vows.

Like a monogram, your illustration can be used throughout your stationery and add a beautiful personal touch. A thoughtful 1st Anniversary gift to one another would be a framed print of your illustrated venue with the date of your wedding. The perfect way to say I love you, encompassing the traditional 1st-anniversary gift of paper.

Vegan on the Day wedding stationery. Printed with vegan plant based ink and on vegan paper. Vegan bamboo ribbon

4. Soft watercolour Details

From a sweep of blush watercolours in the background. To delicate eucalyptus leaves or Tuscan lemon groves. Light, watercolour botanicals can add depth and style to your stationery. Have your favourite flowers or a selection from your bouquet illustrated to add that personal touch.

Elegant minimal french pale blue wedding stationery with gold wax seal and white twine

5. Light layer of a Vellum wrap

This beautiful transparent paper is as light as a cloud encasing your invitation. Adds an air of mystery for your guests, as they only capture a glimpse of what is come. Only when they unwrap your invitation like a gift will they see the details of your day beneath. This extra layer will not only bring an elegant touch but give you a luxury wedding invitation to send to your loved ones.

Elegant hand torn recycled paper on heirloom wedding invitation

6. Hand-torn papers

If you wish for invitations lighter than air, pillowy soft, then choose a hand-torn finish to your elegant stationery. Many guests may not have seen this type of finish before. Graceful and light the hand-torn effect will never disappoint. One of my favourite details to add to achieve elegant wedding invitations. This luxury detailing works best when applied to cotton-rich papers and cards.

Plantable seeded wedding vow books with pale pink silk ribbon sat in a wicker basket and dried flowers

Hannah Shearman Photography

7. Tactile Papers

The touch and feel of hand-selected paper tickle all your senses and adds a depth to your stationery that no print or words can. Soft-to-touch cotton papers, subtle tactile flecks in recycled cards, unique patterns of handmade papers maybe with seeds hidden within the fibres. This mindful and considered layer lets you know that the invitation you have received through the post is truly something special.

Seeded papers are ideal for eco-conscious couples that want that eco-luxe feel without compromising on the effect their wedding has on the environment.

Elegant fonts on fine heirloom wedding invitation with french silk ribbon

8. Elegant fonts

Classic serifs, delicate calligraphic scripts and stylish san serifs can add your personality to your invitations. A light flourish on a name can delight your eyes. For true elegance keep your font weights light and do not go too large or bold.

Eight ways to have eco-friendly wedding stationery ink

elegant wedding invitation liner with watercolour illustration

9. Envelope liners and heavyweight envelopes

You want your invitation to feel extraordinary the minute it lands on the doorstep of your loved ones. A luxurious heavyweight envelope in a subtle palette will do just that. Give your guests the element of surprise with an envelope liner that adds a wow to your invitation the minute they open it up.

One of my favourite liners symbolised the painted ceilings of the chapel where the wedding ceremony took place. Truly Magical.

Common wedding stationery mistakes how to avoid them. Wedding guest names. Place cards piled with vegan bamboo silk ribbon, pale sage.

10. The finishing touch

Not forgetting the final finishing touch. A soft silk or bamboo ribbon in a hand-dyed delicate tone or a hand-crafted tassel in coordinating colours. Maybe a graceful cotton or linen thread for a modern twist or the finest of paper twine, sealed with a glistening wax seal. The extra details and layers add to the anticipation, without creating a fuss or overindulgence.

There are so many beautiful ways you can bring elegance into your wedding invitations and stationery. By talking to your stationery designer you can discuss the style of detailing you would like to include. Whether you want to use just one or combine a few of the ideas above, a bespoke design is an ideal way to artfully blend detailing with grace.

Elegant wedding invitation design will nurture all the delicate details presenting your guests with stationery they will want to treasure and get them excited for your wedding day ahead.

If you would like to have a chat to discuss how we can create elegant wedding invitations for your wedding.


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